Charles E Lindner, M. Div.
NH Licensed Pastoral Psychotherapist
20 West Park Street
Suite 214
Lebanon, NH 03766
603 448 2414

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Who Seeks Therapy?

Charlie Lindner

Individual Psychotherapy

For each of us there are those moments in life when we know we need to work things out in a different way.  It could be the usual ways we approach life are not getting us the fulfillment we desire, or we need to recover from difficult life events have created emotional pain.  Individual psychotherapy may be brief and focused on a single issue. It may also be important to work at deeper levels of change and growth that open new pathways of satisfaction and fulfillment.

People often seek individual psychotherapy to address:

    anxiety or stress related issues

    feelings of inadequacy, failure, or worthlessness

    depression, feelings of hopelessness, emptiness

    problems with a marriage or relationship

    recovery from trauma and abuse4

    grieving complicated or traumatic losses

    living with alcoholism or substance abuse

    gender and sexuality issues

    clarifying goals, values, and a sense of life purpose

    adapting to chronic illness

    spiritual dimensions of a life circumstance

Marriage, Family, or Couples Therapy

Marriages, families, or relationships can at times become painful, lonely, frustrating or empty. When couples have the courage to acknowledge these feelings to each other, they often find it helpful to seek the assistance of a couples therapist. Frequently couples are seeking to have a stronger emotional bond, to restore trust, to manage conflicts in more useful ways. At these times, couples therapy can help partners listen to one another, have a safe space for sharing their pain, and provide couples with new skills, insights, and a more connected and satisfying relationship.

Married or committed couples choose to seek therapy together when:

    there is mutual distrust

    there is too much criticism

    they feel misunderstood

    one or both feel unsafe in the relationship

    there is too much distance

    there is frequent conflict

    there has been an affair

    everything turns into a power struggle

    to address step and blended family dynamics

    to sort out parenting issues

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